World Earth Day 2024: Tangible Solutions for a Planet in Peril

Despite ongoing environmental shifts, conservation efforts often falter. Rivers remain contaminated, air and soil discussions linger, but tangible actions lag. Governments must prioritize Earth's preservation

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  April 22nd 2024 02:45 PM  |  Updated: April 22nd 2024 02:45 PM

World Earth Day 2024: Tangible Solutions for a Planet in Peril

Humans are born from mothers, but their sustenance occurs on Earth, earning it the title of our mother as well. We rely on Earth's natural elements for our survival. Just as a human cannot survive without their mother's care post-birth, they are equally dependent on Earth and its resources. However, have you ever pondered what humans reciprocate to Earth? Regrettably, instead of giving back, humans often exploit natural resources for personal gain. This detrimental trend has persisted for years, resulting in a decline in Earth's balance.

Environmental shifts are underway, yet the benefits of conservation efforts remain elusive. Despite ongoing initiatives to cleanse numerous rivers, the news of their purification remains scarce. Similarly, deliberations on air purification and soil conservation are ongoing. Mere discourse is insufficient; tangible actions are imperative. Governments must undertake significant measures for Earth's preservation, and political parties should prioritize this issue in their agendas. This year, Earth Day's theme is 'Planet vs. Plastic', aimed at heightening awareness of escalating plastic pollution and advocating for corrective measures.

In contemporary times, microplastics are extensively utilized to enhance the radiance of cosmetic products. Unfortunately, these microplastics find their way into rivers and seas through bathing and washing, accumulating in our bodies as a reservoir of toxins. Microplastics pose a gradual threat and can yield substantial harm over time. Effective regulation of plastic usage can mitigate many damages, necessitating governmental intervention in this matter.

Planting trees is essential for the conservation of Earth. As we continue to exploit the planet, we face increasing consequences. Tree planting is particularly critical for mitigating pollution. Despite various efforts to clean rivers across the country, they remain contaminated. This is often due to waste collected during cleaning being deposited back onto the riverbanks, eventually re-entering the waterways. However, this waste can serve as valuable fertilizer for fields. Such soil is precious and can significantly enhance agricultural productivity if utilized effectively.


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