Canada is best country in world, all of us shall work hard and make it even better: Justin Trudeau

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  January 31st 2024 05:19 PM  |  Updated: January 31st 2024 05:19 PM

Canada is best country in world, all of us shall work hard and make it even better: Justin Trudeau

PTC Web Desk: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, amidst a dip in his approval ratings ahead of next year's federal election, expressed confidence in his government's ability to make "serious" and "responsible" decisions for the country. In a video statement posted on his social media handle, Justin Trudeau said despite facing challenging times globally, his administration was committed to supporting Canadians and building a strong and prosperous future.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasised the need for a government with a plan, stating, "Canada is the best country in the world. And it’s up to all of us to work hard and make it even better. That is what we’re focused on and that is what we’ll continue to do." However,recent survey results indicate a significant dissatisfaction among Canadians with the Trudeau government.


According to a survey conducted by Leger, a Canadian research and strategic marketing firm, 63% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the Trudeau government, while only 30% were satisfied. Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre of the Conservative Party emerged as the preferred choice for Prime Minister, with 27% support, compared to Trudeau's 17%.


The survey also highlighted that 51% of respondents wanted Trudeau to resign before the next election, paving the way for a new leader. A substantial 72% of Canadian voters expressed a desire for a new Prime Minister, citing Trudeau's nine-year tenure as a key factor.


Trudeau, in power since 2015, led the ruling Liberal Party with a majority initially but lost it in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. Criticism has mounted against him, particularly regarding his handling of the housing affordability crisis. The Trudeau government attributed the crisis to an influx of migrants and international students, resulting in increased housing demand. To address the issue, a recent government announcement included a two-year cap on international student permits.


The Canadian Prime Minister has also faced controversy over his allegations that India was involved in the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. This assertion sparked diplomatic tensions between India and Canada.


As Trudeau navigates a challenging political landscape, the survey results underscore the current discontent among Canadians and the growing appeal of opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. With the federal election approaching, Trudeau faces the task of addressing public concerns and revitalizing his political standing.


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