Lee Sun-kyun, 'Parasite' Star, Passes Away Under Suspicious Circumstances

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  December 27th 2023 03:25 PM  |  Updated: December 27th 2023 03:25 PM

Lee Sun-kyun, 'Parasite' Star, Passes Away Under Suspicious Circumstances

Renowned South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, celebrated for his stellar performances and notably honored with an Oscar for his role in the groundbreaking film 'Parasite,' tragically passed away at the age of 48. The disheartening news, disclosed by the reputable News Agency on Wednesday, emerged amid an ongoing government crackdown on illicit drug activities, with reports suggesting Lee's alleged involvement in narcotics use.

The distressing sequence of events unfolded when Lee was found unconscious inside a car near bricks at a park in Seoul on Wednesday morning. His wife raised concerns and notified the authorities about his disappearance, mentioning that he had left behind a note at home hinting at suicide. Consequently, a search ensued, culminating in the discovery of his lifeless body in the vehicle.

The gravity of the situation is amplified by South Korea's stringent stance on drug-related offenses, imposing severe penalties for those found guilty. The country's legislation entails a minimum of six months' imprisonment for offenders, with the punishment escalating to a maximum of 14 years for repeat offenders and individuals involved in drug trafficking.

Lee Sun-kyun had gained international recognition for his portrayal of the patriarch in the critically acclaimed film "Parasite." His influence in South Korean cinema was undeniable, marked by compelling performances in movies like the gripping 2012 thriller "Helpless" and the 2014 blockbuster "All About My Wife."


Additionally, Lee ventured into the realm of streaming platforms, headlining the original Korean-language series "Dr. Brain" exclusively for Apple TV+. This sci-fi thriller, comprising six episodes, debuted in 2021, revolving around a neurologist exploring perplexing mysteries.

The sudden demise of Lee Sun-kyun has sent shockwaves through the South Korean entertainment industry. His vast legion of admirers finds themselves grappling with an overwhelming sense of loss, mourning the departure of a beloved and esteemed figure.


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