Two Detained for Alleged Unlawful Entry at Bollywood Star Salman Khan's Panvel Property

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  January 08th 2024 05:01 PM  |  Updated: January 08th 2024 05:01 PM

Two Detained for Alleged Unlawful Entry at Bollywood Star Salman Khan's Panvel Property

The sudden appearance of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has stirred a whirlwind of headlines, not for his professional endeavors but due to an incident that unfolded at his farmhouse in Panvel. A report has been formally lodged with the Panvel Taluka Police concerning the unauthorized entry of two individuals onto Khan's property.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Wajegaon village, Panvel, Salman Khan's expansive farmhouse became the focal point of an attempted intrusion by two unidentified persons. Their brazen endeavor to breach the boundaries of the estate was swiftly thwarted by vigilant security guards, prompting the immediate filing of a formal complaint with the Panvel Taluka Police.

Shashikant Sharma, the meticulous manager overseeing Salman Khan's Panvel estate, revealed the sequence of events that transpired on a fateful Thursday afternoon. According to Sharma, two individuals attempted to surreptitiously gain access to the farmhouse by exploiting the surrounding trees and perimeter. However, the astute response of security guard Mohammad Hussain averted their plans, leading to the apprehension of the trespassers. Upon their capture, law enforcement authorities were promptly notified to handle the situation.

In connection with this audacious incident, formal charges have been levied against the suspects, identified as Ajesh Kumar Gila, aged 23, and Gurusevak Singh Sikh, also aged 23. The farmhouse manager further elucidated that, according to the security guard's testimony, the duo was intercepted while attempting to unlawfully enter the property. Notably, the individuals initially provided identities as Mahesh Kumar Ramnivas and Vinod Kumar Radheshyam, claiming to hail from the Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. However, a meticulous examination of their Aadhar (identification) cards exposed discrepancies, unraveling their false identities and fabricated addresses.

The attempt to breach Salman Khan's sanctuary in Panvel raises concerns about the security and privacy of high-profile personalities. While the perpetrators have been apprehended and legal procedures initiated, this incident underscores the importance of robust security measures and the vigilance required to safeguard such properties against unauthorized access.


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