Vikrant Massey's Bold Views on Bollywood Industry Unproffesionalism

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 20th 2024 03:47 PM  |  Updated: February 20th 2024 03:47 PM

Vikrant Massey's Bold Views on Bollywood Industry Unproffesionalism

Vikrant Massey, the esteemed Indian actor, finds himself amidst the limelight once again, courtesy of his latest cinematic venture, "12th Fail". The film has not only captured the hearts of critics but has also resonated profoundly with audiences, garnering widespread acclaim. Notably, the praise for the movie has extended beyond the general public, as numerous celebrities have joined the chorus in commending its excellence. Vikrant Massey's multifaceted persona has been further highlighted as he delves into various discussions, ranging from the intricacies of the entertainment industry to the nuanced topic of cosmetic surgery.

In a recent episode of the popular chat show "Unfiltered Samadish", Vikrant engaged in a candid conversation that traversed the depths of the entertainment industry. When prompted about the presence of morally questionable figures within the profession, Vikrant Massey offered insights without singling out specific individuals. He acknowledged the existence of such personas, subtly emphasizing the complexity of success in an environment where flawed characters often garner admiration. Despite acknowledging the allure of emulation, Vikrant underscored the indispensable essence of genuine talent and perseverance on the path to success.

The discourse then veered towards the subject of cosmetic surgery, a topic that Vikrant Massey approached with refreshing candor. Expressing a remarkably open-minded stance, he articulated his views on the matter, expressing readiness to consider cosmetic enhancements should the need arise in the future. Such transparency underscores Vikrant's progressive outlook, challenging societal norms and embracing the concept of personal transformation without reservation.

Furthermore, Vikrant Massey shed light on the pervasive culture of ostentation prevalent within the entertainment industry. Cognizant of the inherent pressure to showcase achievements, he navigated the delicate balance between self-expression and the potential consequences of excessive display. Reflecting on the nature of creative artists, Vikrant acknowledged the tendency to flaunt accomplishments as an inherent aspect of the profession, albeit with a sense of caution.

Amidst these discussions, Vikrant Massey's professional trajectory continues to ascend with his involvement in "Hasin Dilruba", the eagerly anticipated sequel to its predecessor. Building upon the success of "12th Fail", Vikrant reprises his role in this cinematic venture alongside Taapsee Pannu and Sunny Kaushal, promising audiences another captivating cinematic experience. The seamless transition from one project to another underscores Vikrant Massey's versatility as an actor, solidifying his status as a prominent figure within the realm of Indian cinema.


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