Alberta gears up for wildfire season; firefighters likely to be deployed

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 09th 2024 05:13 PM  |  Updated: February 09th 2024 05:13 PM

Alberta gears up for wildfire season; firefighters likely to be deployed

PTC Web Desk: The forestry minister of Alberta has announced plans to mobilise additional firefighters and volunteers in anticipation of what is expected to be another active wildfire season. Todd Loewen acknowledges that the province is likely to face ongoing challenges with increasingly dry and warm climates.

Loewen emphasises the need for communities to adopt more fire-smart practices, and forestry companies may need to make adjustments to their harvesting methods. The government, he states, will take a more assertive approach in implementing fire bans. Earlier deployment of fire crews has already been confirmed for the upcoming season.

As Alberta currently grapples with 57 active wildfires, 54 of which are carry-over fires from the previous season rekindled after smoldering underground during winter, the urgency of preparedness becomes apparent.

However, last week, Alberta's fire chiefs criticised Loewen for not disclosing specifics about the province's wildfire readiness plans. In response, Loewen expresses surprise at the criticism and intends to meet with the fire chiefs to address their concerns. This proactive stance indicates a collaborative effort to enhance preparedness and response strategies in the face of escalating wildfire risks.


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