Bharti Singh Reveals Startling Reason for Concealing Pregnancy on Rubina Dilaik's Show

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  January 03rd 2024 12:09 PM  |  Updated: January 03rd 2024 12:09 PM

Bharti Singh Reveals Startling Reason for Concealing Pregnancy on Rubina Dilaik's Show

In the realm of Indian television, Bharti Singh has remained an adored personality, captivating audiences with her infectious humor and vibrant presence. However, her recent journey into motherhood has not just charmed fans but also brought to light a profound insight into the realm of pregnancy and empowerment.

The joyous arrival of her son, Lakshya, on April 3, 2022, was a momentous occasion celebrated not only by Bharti but also by her legion of supporters. What stirred intrigue among her fans was the revelation of Bharti's decision to conceal her pregnancy for a substantial four months. Through her engaging vlogs, Bharti offered glimpses of endearing gestures from her son, instantly drawing adoration from her audience.

Recently, in a candid conversation with fellow new mom Rubina Dilaik, Bharti Singh unveiled the rationale behind her choice to keep her pregnancy under wraps. Her revelations shed light on an array of captivating details about that particular period of her life.

One intriguing aspect Bharti highlighted was her delay in sharing the news with her family. She disclosed how her observations of working pregnant women in Punjab during her own pregnancy significantly contributed to her sense of empowerment. Witnessing these industrious women not only inspired her but also reinforced her belief in the capability of managing responsibilities while expecting.

During her appearance on Rubina Dilaik's show, Bharti Singh pointed out a stark cultural contrast she noticed in Mumbai. She observed a noticeable decrease in actively working pregnant women in the city. Contrary to her experiences in Punjab, Bharti expressed her conviction that continuing to work during pregnancy fosters healthier babies—a viewpoint strongly supported by Rubina Dilaik.

Displaying her resolute determination, Bharti emphasized her decision to manage her pregnancy independently, stating, "So, I decided that when I'm pregnant, I won't rely on anyone's assistance. I'll manage everything independently because those who live on their own handle everything themselves."

Delving deeper into her pregnancy journey, Bharti recounted the initial four months when neither her family nor in-laws were aware of her condition. Reflecting on her decision to keep it a secret, she narrated a conversation with her concerned mother, who expressed worry upon discovering Bharti's concealed working period. Bharti's response encapsulated her rationale, as she affirmed, "That's precisely why I kept it to myself."


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