Big Boss 17's Unexpected 'Onion Go' Greeting Sparks Hilarity in Korea!

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  December 28th 2023 03:27 PM  |  Updated: December 28th 2023 03:27 PM

Big Boss 17's Unexpected 'Onion Go' Greeting Sparks Hilarity in Korea!

Season 17 of the widely popular reality show Big Boss has found itself in the midst of international attention, albeit for an unexpected reason. The latest season, hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, has been a whirlwind of entertainment with contestants igniting the screen and captivating audiences. However, it's not the contestants' antics that have caught the attention of South Korea. Instead, it's a peculiar moment during the show's recent episodes that has sparked a wave of laughter and jest among the Korean audience.


Amidst the entrance of various wildcard contestants, the arrival of pop sensation  Aoora injected a fresh surge of energy into the Big Boss house. However, it was the show's welcoming gesture toward Aoora that unexpectedly became the subject of amusement and mockery in South Korea.

The amusement stemmed from the particular phrase used by Big Boss to greet  Aoora upon her entrance – "Onion Go." In South Korea, where "Annyeong" is the customary way of saying hello, the unexpected deviation by Big Boss to use "Onion Go" set the stage for a comedic uproar. The phrase quickly gained traction among Korean viewers, resulting in the creation of numerous humorous videos and reels centered around this unique greeting.

The Korean audience, known for their creativity in leveraging viral content, swiftly turned the phrase into a humorous trend. It transcended beyond social media, making its way into unconventional avenues like a light-hearted fashion show where models humorously echoed "Onion Go," referencing the unexpected phrase from Big Boss 17.

However, the lighthearted amusement has taken a turn toward mockery within Korea. The usage of "Onion Go" while welcoming a foreign guest has invited trolling and ridicule directed at Big Boss 17. Some comments reflected a sense of embarrassment towards the show, with one user stating, "Big Boss has brought embarrassment upon itself in Korea," while another remarked, "They've reached a whole new level of international attention in their quest for fame."


The unexpected viral sensation prompted sarcastic remarks such as, "Salman Khan's antics are now a sensation in Korea," and a suggestion to playfully pass off the show's notoriety by stating, "Let's tell Koreans it's Chinese."


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