Salman Khan's Bulletproof Travels Amidst Rising Threats, All You Need to Know!

Salman Khan, an iconic figure in Bollywood, faced a distressing incident on April 14th when gunfire shattered the tranquility near his Mumbai residence. This event highlighted the constant vigilance required for stars like him.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  April 15th 2024 04:55 PM  |  Updated: April 15th 2024 04:55 PM

Salman Khan's Bulletproof Travels Amidst Rising Threats, All You Need to Know!

In the world of Bollywood, where fame often walks hand in hand with notoriety, the safety of its icons becomes a paramount concern. Such was the case on the morning of April 14th when Salman Khan, the legendary figure of Indian cinema, was confronted with distressing news that sent shockwaves through his legion of fans.

At the ungodly hour of 5 am, the tranquility surrounding Salman's abode, the Galaxy Apartment nestled in Mumbai's bustling Bandra area, was shattered by the sound of gunfire. The brazenness of the act, occurring on a serene Sunday morning, plunged the neighborhood into a state of pandemonium, sparking widespread concern and speculation. For Salman Khan, this unsettling incident served as a grim reminder of the constant vigilance required to navigate the murky waters of stardom.

The assailants, shrouded in anonymity, unleashed their barrage of bullets in close proximity to Salman's residence, prompting immediate action to fortify his security apparatus. In response to this ominous event, Salman Khan's security measures underwent a significant overhaul, reflecting the gravity of the situation at hand. The Lawrence Vishnoi gang, notorious for its nefarious activities, had previously issued threats against Salman's life, heightening the stakes and necessitating a robust response to safeguard the beloved actor.

Central to Salman's revamped security infrastructure is the incorporation of a bulletproof vehicle as his primary mode of transportation. This precautionary measure serves as a bulwark against the looming specter of danger, offering Salman a sanctuary on wheels amidst the tumultuous landscape of Mumbai's streets. Regardless of the destination, Salman steadfastly adheres to the confines of his fortified car, prioritizing safety above all else.

Moreover, Salman Khan's security detail has been elevated to Y-Plus status, underscoring the seriousness with which his safety is regarded. A dedicated team of eleven security personnel, augmented by 2-4 commandos and police officers, forms an impenetrable ring of protection around the Bollywood luminary. Additionally, Salman is invariably accompanied by four vigilant security guards, entrusted with the singular task of ensuring his well-being at all times.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one figure stands as a stalwart beacon of reassurance—Shera, Salman Khan's trusted bodyguard. With unwavering dedication and a steely resolve, Shera remains a steadfast presence by Salman's side, ready to thwart any potential threats with swift and decisive action. Having faithfully served Salman for countless years, Shera's unwavering loyalty serves as a testament to the unbreakable bond between protector and protege.


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