SS Rajamouli's Japan Trip Takes Unexpected Turn

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  March 21st 2024 03:32 PM  |  Updated: March 21st 2024 03:32 PM

SS Rajamouli's Japan Trip Takes Unexpected Turn

Celebrated Indian filmmaker SS Rajamouli, renowned for his magnum opus "RRR," currently finds himself in the Land of the Rising Sun for a special screening of his cinematic masterpiece. The much-anticipated event has drawn Rajamouli, along with his team and local aficionados, into an immersive cinematic experience that transcends borders. However, amidst the splendor of this occasion, fate intervened, presenting Rajamouli with an unexpected encounter with nature's fury.

On March 21st, as Japan basked in the aura of the screening, the tranquility was momentarily disrupted by a sudden earthquake measuring 5.3 in magnitude. Kartikeya, Rajamouli's son and a witness to the seismic event, took to social media to recount the harrowing experience. Perched on the 28th floor, Rajamouli and Kartikeya felt the ground beneath them quiver, signaling the onset of the earthquake. Kartikeya vividly described the disconcerting calmness exhibited by the Japanese populace amidst the tremors, likening their reaction to that of a mere rainfall. With a sense of urgency, he shared his account on social media, tagging his father and Shobu, inviting them to share the experience from afar.

From Oscar Glory to Earthquake Shocks

The news of Rajamouli's close encounter with the earthquake stirred a wave of concern among his legion of fans. Comments flooded in, expressing relief at his safety and urging caution in the wake of potential aftershocks. One admirer empathetically remarked, acknowledging the intensity of the tremors and advising vigilance in the face of unpredictable seismic activity. The outpouring of well-wishes underscored the deep-seated admiration and concern for the acclaimed filmmaker's well-being.

Meanwhile, "RRR" continues to captivate Japanese audiences, solidifying its status as a cinematic sensation. The film, featuring an ensemble cast including Ram Charan, Junior NTR, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgan, has transcended cultural boundaries to claim a place in the hearts of viewers. Its monumental success culminated in an Oscar award, further amplifying the global acclaim showered upon Rajamouli's creation. The nomination of the track "Natu Natu" for an Oscar served as a testament to the film's exceptional quality, stoking anticipation and excitement among fans worldwide.


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