The Blanket Incident, K-Pop Sensation Aoora Actions Shake Big Boss 17 House

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  January 03rd 2024 12:16 PM  |  Updated: January 03rd 2024 12:16 PM

The Blanket Incident, K-Pop Sensation Aoora Actions Shake Big Boss 17 House

The current season of Big Boss 17 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, with drama, conflicts, and unexpected evictions keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Recently, the house witnessed the abrupt departure of three contestants—Rinku Dhawan, Neil Bhatt, and Anurag—leaving the atmosphere charged with speculation and curiosity among both residents and followers of the show.

However, the most recent buzz circulating within the confines of the Big Boss house revolves around a heated altercation involving Aoora, a popular pop singer, and other housemates. Social media platforms have been set ablaze by a swiftly spreading video clip that captured a physical confrontation initiated by Aoora, directed towards Ayesha Khan.

The footage captures a moment where Aoora, in a seemingly impulsive act, approaches Ayesha while she is engrossed in conversation with Abhishek, who is reclining on a bed. In an unexpected move, Aoora throws a blanket over Ayesha's face before swiftly departing, leaving Ayesha visibly surprised and angered by the sudden act.

Ayesha Khan wasted no time in expressing her dismay and frustration at the unforeseen blanket throw. Voicing her discontent to the other housemates, she made it explicitly clear that such behavior was unacceptable in her book, asserting, "No matter the cause, I didn't come here to tolerate such behavior."

As the tensions escalated within the house, Aoora eventually disclosed his motives behind the impulsive action. When probed by Mannara and other housemates, Aoora revealed that he felt discomfort due to someone allegedly speaking ill of him. However, Ayesha Khan later took the initiative to resolve the conflict by engaging in a direct conversation with Aoora.

This entire episode stemmed from Abhishek's refusal to comply with a task delegated by Aoora during the mid-week eviction process. Aoora had specifically mentioned Abhishek's name in the task, and his refusal to participate consequently led to a rapid escalation of tensions within the house.


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