Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reigns supreme with record-breaking YouTube success

Written by  jasleen Kaur   |  December 26th 2023 04:50 PM  |  Updated: December 26th 2023 04:50 PM

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reigns supreme with record-breaking YouTube success

PTC Web Desk: The YouTube channel of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 20 million subscriptions and solidifying its position as the most subscribed among global leaders. This feat places the Indian Prime Minister significantly ahead of his international and Indian counterparts.

Notably, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsanora stands as the second-most subscribed global leader, with approximately 6.4 million subscribers, a fraction compared to the extensive subscriber base of Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Following closely is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose channel has 1.1 million subscribers. Additionally, PM Modi's YouTube channel boasts an impressive 2.24 billion views in December 2023, standing in stark contrast to Zelenskyy's channel, which garnered views 43 times lower.

Narendra Modi's channel sets the standard for subscribers, video views, and content quality among political leaders on YouTube, amassing an astounding 45 billion video views. Consistently rated as the most popular global leader in surveys like Morning Consult, PM Modi enjoys an approval rating exceeding 75 percent, surpassing his contemporaries by a considerable margin.

The extraordinary success of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's YouTube channel highlights his dominance not only in Indian politics, but also on the global platform. The channel's immense viewership and subscriber count significantly outshine those of other Indian political leaders and parties, emphasizing its widespread popularity within India and beyond its borders.


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