Regional channels voice of innovation, experimentation: PTC MD Rabindra Narayan

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  March 30th 2024 01:41 PM  |  Updated: March 30th 2024 01:43 PM

Regional channels voice of innovation, experimentation: PTC MD Rabindra Narayan

Rabindra Narayan, Managing Director and President of PTC Network, hailed regional channels for their authenticity and reliability, attributing them as the driving force behind media innovation and experimentation. His remarks came during the fireside chat at the 13th annual News Next Summit media conference.

Under the theme, "Are regional channels surpassing mainstream ones in projecting the Indian narrative globally?" Mr Narayan emphasised the critical role that regional channels play in delivering locally relevant news, which contributes to their widespread success.


"With a significant presence abroad, including in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and beyond, PTC caters to the informational needs of Indians settled in these regions. Our commitment is to deliver news that directly affects them, covering their surroundings, the politics of their host countries, and more," Mr Narayan stated. 

He further elaborated, "Given the strong presence of the Punjabi community in these countries, known for their expressive and participative nature, our efforts are directed towards serving their informational needs.""To meet the expectations of our audience, we've established studios and appointed dedicated staff, ensuring our content remains credible, authentic, and locally relevant," Mr Narayan added.

Highlighting the adaptability of regional channels to market demands, he concluded, "Regional channels' ability to evolve with changing times and remain relevant to their audience contributes significantly to viewership success."The NewsNext Summit, the 13th annual media conference, was held on March 30 at The Imperial in New Delhi. The one-of-a-kind conference brought together industry leaders, renowned broadcasters, and journalists to share insights on the theme of 'News Broadcasting in the Digital Era'.


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