Sikh taxi driver's honesty wows Internet; here's why

Written by  jasleen Kaur   |  December 28th 2023 10:55 AM  |  Updated: December 28th 2023 10:55 AM

Sikh taxi driver's honesty wows Internet; here's why

PTC Web Desk: Charanjit Singh Atwal, a veteran Sikh taxi driver in Melbourne, Australia, has become a notable figure for his exceptional display of honesty. His recent act of integrity, returning nearly 8,000 Australian dollars (approximately ₹4.53 lakh) to a passenger who forgot the cash in his cab, has garnered widespread attention.

In a conversation with 9 News Melbourne, Charanjit Singh Atwal revealed his common encounters with items left behind by passengers. However, this particular instance stood out when he stumbled upon a significant sum of money, approximately $8,000, abandoned in the backseat of his taxi. Without hesitation, Atwal decided to hand over the cash to the authorities, displaying a remarkable level of honesty and integrity.

When queried about receiving a reward for his noble deed, Atwal modestly replied that he did not seek or require any form of reward. His story swiftly gained momentum across various social media platforms, where netizens lauded and praised his selfless act, highlighting the rarity of such honesty in today's world.

Online reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing how such stories of integrity inspire others to embrace honesty and kindness in their own lives. One commenter believed that narratives like Atwal's serve as an encouragement for people to follow suit and spread goodwill, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct.

Another individual expressed admiration for Atwal's integrity, considering it a blessing that the universe will surely reward. This collective appreciation and recognition of Atwal's unwavering honesty serve as a testament to the impact and value of integrity in society, resonating deeply with those who applaud and appreciate such acts of righteousness. Atwal's story reflects the enduring significance of integrity and serves as a shining example of morality and uprightness for others to emulate.


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