ArriveCan App development lacked compliance with contracting rules: Trudeau

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 21st 2024 05:51 PM  |  Updated: February 21st 2024 05:51 PM

ArriveCan App development lacked compliance with contracting rules: Trudeau

PTC Web Desk: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted that the development of the contentious ArriveCan app lacked adherence to contracting rules. Justin Trudeau acknowledged that during the initial stages of Covid-19 pandemic, when uncertainty prevailed, the app was created. However, he stressed the importance of following rules even in challenging times and asserted that investigations are ongoing, promising consequences for any breach of regulations by public servants.

Launched in April 2020 by the federal government, ArriveCan aimed to monitor health and contact details for those entering Canada amid the pandemic. Additionally, it sought to digitise customs and immigration declarations. The app, however, has come under scrutiny for apparent violations of fundamental management and contracting practices.

Canada's auditor general recently highlighted a "glaring disregard" for proper procedures during the development and implementation of ArriveCan. The watchdog maintained that "the government's reliance on sole-sourced external contractors led to an inflated app cost, with inadequate tracking of associated expenses".

Trudeau, addressing mediapersons at a Vancouver brief biefing, acknowledged the evident lapses in the contracting processes related to ArriveCan. When questioned about taking responsibility for the issues, he stressed the need for accountability and transparency surrounding the matter.

As investigations unfold, the government faces scrutiny for its handling of the ArriveCan app, bringing attention to the importance of upholding contracting rules and ensuring proper oversight, even in times of crisis.


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