Security concerns in northwest Toronto after two shootings at bus stop intersection

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 20th 2024 06:05 PM  |  Updated: February 20th 2024 06:05 PM

Security concerns in northwest Toronto after two shootings at bus stop intersection

PTC Web Desk: Residents in a northwest Toronto neighborhood are expressing heightened unease after two persons were shot while waiting for buses at the same intersection within a day. The incidents have left the community on edge, prompting concerns about safety and the impact on families in the area.

A regular bus commuter admitted feeling scared after the attacks and mentioned reconsidering her bus route for short trips. She opted to walk instead during errands on Sunday, emphasising the impact of witnessing two attacks, one of which was fatal, in such a short timeframe.

A resident near the intersection highlighted the sadness of witnessing violence in an area with numerous families and children. He expressed worry about the effect on his own children, who frequently play in the vicinity, particularly on Family Day.

The shootings occurred at Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue, leading to an increased police presence in the area. The authorities are working to determine if the attacks were random or gang-related. No arrests have been made, but police believe a stolen black vehicle is connected to both incidents.

The first shooting on Friday left a 16-year-old boy critically injured, shot in the face while waiting for the bus alone. On Saturday, another person was shot while alone at the bus stop, resulting in a man's death. The shootings have prompted concerns about public safety, and the police have set up a command post in the area to investigate and reassure the community.

Despite the incidents, there were few visible signs of the shootings on Monday, and the police sought to engage with the community through a command post, handing out treats and emphasising their presence to ensure residents feel secure.

Supt. Andy Singh, the unit commander for 31 Division, assured that the command post would remain in place for at least a week, with staff available around the clock. The aim is to allow residents to continue their daily activities without fear.


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