Surviving against the odds: Italy couple's unbelievable tale of surviving two plane crashes

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  December 22nd 2023 06:18 PM  |  Updated: December 22nd 2023 06:18 PM

Surviving against the odds: Italy couple's unbelievable tale of surviving two plane crashes

PTC Web Desk: In an extraordinary and heart-stopping turn of events, Stefano Pirilli (30) and his fiancee Antonietta Demasi (22) defied the odds by surviving not one, but two separate plane crashes that tookplace within a few miles of each other on their journey to Turin, Italy.

As per planes, both of their planes hurtled towards the ground. Stefano Pirilli's aircraft encountered distress, swiftly followed by a similar ordeal for Antonietta Demasi's plane. Miraculously, firefighters sprang into action and rescued them from the wreckage at both crash sites, alongside the pilots, including Demasi's pilot Paolo Rotondo (38). Despite Antonietta suffering a pelvic injury and Pilot Rotondo sustaining a head wound, all involved managed to survive these harrowing incidents.

Reflecting on the sequence of events, Stefano Pirilli expressed profound regret over what was Antonietta's maiden flying experience, saying, "Our day began with anticipation, but swiftly turned into a nightmare as both our planes went down separately." Despite the adversity, he highlighted their shared stroke of luck in surviving and conveyed deep concern for the injured pilots, emphasizing their unwavering support.

Detailing the circumstances preceding the crashes, Stefano Pirilli recounted, "Unexpected weather shifts and a sudden transition from day to night caught us off guard – rapidly rising mist obscured our surroundings as darkness enveloped us."

As they attempted to land at Busano while coordinating with Antonietta, unforeseen challenges emerged. Meanwhile, her pilot opted for the airfield near San Gillio. However, visibility plummeted due to mist and darkness, resulting in an unexpected crash landing in a meadow, Pirilli recalled.

Despite the chaos, Stefano Pirilli remained steadfast in his concern for his fiancee and the pilot. After alerting emergency services and trying unsuccessfully to reach Antonietta, he found himself amidst the rare circumstance of firefighters responding to their second plane crash. "I rushed straight to the hospital and have been there ever since. My sole wish is for Antonietta and Paolo to make a swift recovery," he added, underscoring his unwavering dedication to their recuperation.


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